NiyogYugan Festival

Let me take you to the wonderful world of Niyogyugan Festival! It’s one of the most popular festivals here in Lucena City, Quezon Province. I’m so happy to share with you my best photos 🙂

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  • NiyogYugan Festival is like Pahiyas Festival (one of the most popular festival in the Philippines at Lucban, Quezon where you decorate your houses from authentic Philippine plants) Here in Lucena the difference is you decorated your own booth stand representing the different culture in each provinces/municipalities in Quezon
  • It is a contest for each provinces to designed their booths in their own creative way. They would received millions of prizes and recognition from the government for those with the best designs.
  • To better represent their municipalities. They each had their Ginoo and Binibining Quezon (Pageant Contest)
  • Of course! Famous delicacies are a good perks to enjoy in this festival.
  • For more pictures and adventures about NiyogYugan Festival. Visit my official website

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Live Happy & Stay Strong

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