Batangas Food Trip





  • Bought and ate these foods from one of the famous provinces of the Philippines at Taal, Batangas
  • Lomi or Pancit Lomi is a Filipino-Chinese dish made with a variety of thick fresh egg noodles. Popular among eastern part of Batangas. Lomi Batangas are best eaten with a bread which you dipped into the noodles. Just like I did in the picture above ♥
  • Ginataang Monggo (Mung Bean Soup with Coconut Milk) I don’t know much about it cause I’m more familiar and usually eat Ginataang Langka but I can tell you it’s really delicious. One of the best dessert I ever tasted 🙂
  • Malunggay Pandesal- Pandesal is a kind of bread that is very popular in the Philippines. It is even more popular because of the mixture of nutritious Malunggay flavor being added into it. Malunggay is a nutritious vegetable tree with a variety of potential uses. Malunggay tree leaves are the richest natural sources of Vitamins and Minerals on the face of the Earth. With these added flavors Filipinos and visitors would surely enjoy eating more Pandesal as their favorite breakfast and merienda.

Thank you for reading!

Live Happy & Stay Strong

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