Taal Basilica: Asia’s Biggest Church


  • Named The Taal Basilica or Basilica of Saint Martin de Tours. Located in Taal Batangas, Philippines
  •  Founded by Augustinian missionaries in 1572
  • Taal Basilica is 96 meters long, 45 meters wide, and 96 meters tall. This colossal Baroque structure were made of coral stones and adobe. The most noticeable features of its facade were the 24 classical columns in pairs and lined up two rows of six on top of the other. It has 10 windows and 5 doors. The edifice topped with a triangular roof and gable on each side and one in the center. On the left side rises the bell tower.
  • The Taal Basilica is the most prominent structure in Taal Park, which also harbors several buildings including Escuela Pia: Taal Heritage Center, the Rizal College, and Our Lady of Caysasay Academy (where the kids in our family go to for afterclass tutorials). The Municipal Hall of Taal also stands nearby.
  • Other details are in my official webpage http://www.glamorosarunner.ph/ ♥

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