Cosplay Part 2: Christmas Theme


I know this is quiet a bit late. Since I was very busy during the holidays! Anyway, I cosplayed another Christmas Themed Miss Claus Version during our party celebration with the farm kids (Our Fam’s Charity)

I just made a random character for this one wherein I think the kids would enjoy….And they did! :)))

Highlights of the events:

  • Catechism “All about Christmas and giving thanks to the Lord”
  • Games, Games, Games
  • Lunch Time Mini Gathering celebration “Adobo with Rice, Salad for dessert and Iced Tea”
  • Giveaways: Chocolates 🙂

I’m glad I did my part well as their Lady Santa. This is something that is very priceless indeed. Truly a Christmas spirit!

“It is not all the material things in life but it’s giving love and share to the people who in need” HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF US!

Thank you for reading!

Live Happy & Stay Strong

Glamorosa Runner


2 thoughts on “Cosplay Part 2: Christmas Theme

  1. I always wanted to do charity works to share what I have with people who are in need. Well, I might try joining some charities this year.

    Great post!

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