Philippine Independence Day

Last June 12, 2013

It was the most memorable and historic holiday in our country

In order to celebrate and commemorate this day

I decided to wear the Philippine Traditional Dress to be reminded…What a true genuine Filipino Culture has…

Philippine Dress

Have you ever wondered how many Filipinos would be wearing a Filipiniana (Philippine Traditional Dress) right now?
Well I guess mostly not that many or others wouldn’t even care…

I remembered during my elementary and high school days we were required or forced to wear a Filipiniana once a year during “Linggo ng Wika” as in literal, before you come to school, during and after you should be wearing it the whole day even teachers and other faculty staffs. NOBODY is an exception.

Well, most of us would shrugged or be annoyed by the fact we have to wear them. It is something we are not most proud of…were kinda going into a death culture…Because of the manipulation of western culture which subconsciously Filipinos didn’t know it was happening.

Have you ever attended a party that requires a FILIPINO THEME?…Well, for me I’VE NEVER SEEN ONE. Most parties I attended to requires a Masquerade theme, Hollywood theme, Hawaiian theme and etc.„ for that example is already plain given. They’re a lot more but I don’t need to elaborate any further.

Trust me, I’ve seen it and even myself I’m a victim but I’m not trying to be heroic here, it’s just that I noticed it for the past few years and definitely I don’t want that to happen any longer. I want to STAY FILIPINO and BE FILIPINO despite western influences. If the JAPANESE and KOREAN could maintained their culture despite these modern generation . YOU TOO CAN ALSO BE FILIPINO AND STAY FILIPINO

That’s why this Philippine Independence Day I decided to wear a Filipiana Dress to commemorate this day at my work (yesterday) and shopping at the mall.

And it really feels damn good to be wearing them again…with no school, work or events imposing you to wear them just because it’s a requirement but wearing them just because you wanted too. Just being plain Filipino and Filipina


Aling pag-ibig pa ang hihigit
Sa pagka-dalisay at pagka-dakila
Gaya ng pag-ibig sa tinubuang lupa?
Alin pag-ibig pa? Wala nga, wala

-Pag-ibig Sa Tinubuan Lupa ni Andres Bonifacio



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