Ring Round The Moon


I’m a big fan of METTA (Assumption College San Lorenzo, Theater Artist Group) cause they are highly versatile and talented actors.

I was fortunate to watch Ring Round The Moon for the second time around with their new cast of actors 🙂 Yes, they didn’t fail to disappoint me. Their show was amazing as ever.

Here is a few synopsis of the play:

RING ROUND THE MOON is a romantic comedy about young couples who learn to define the meaning of true love. Hugo, a rich young bachelor with an enterprising vibrant mind invites Isabelle, a ballet dancer to a ball. He reveals that he has employed her to enchant his twin brother, Frederic who is madly in love with Diana. Diana, a spoiled heiress is secretly in love with Hugo. However, Isabelle ends up falling in love with Hugo. Who will win whom in the end? Experience an enchanting evening of mistaken love, heartful confessions, and refreshing revelations about true love. Anyone who has ever been in love, or wants to be in love will enjoy


Hmmmm…Pretty interesting isn’t it?


Yep! It really is…What can I say about METTA?…Their is really a future in Philippine Theater 🙂 Yeah! Kudos to METTA and Assumption College, San Lorenzo 🙂


To catch more show updates of METTA. Visit their website:



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