Bicol Region: Daet, Camarines Norte

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Traveled into a little small town province in Bicol region. Where the roots of my grandmother has been born. To be honest, it’s been almost 12 years since the last time I came here, still though it has been so long the richness of tranquility the town is known for hasn’t even changed in one bit. People here are nice and generous, all the same living a peaceful life.

2014-02-07 06.54.35

Though I had only one day to stay here. I must say, I sure toured the best spots of Daet.

This is the  St. Peter the Apostle Church (also known as the Parroquia de San Pedro Apostol) the oldest church in Camarines, Norte. Unfortunately, the church has been destroyed by a fire last Dec. 26, 2012..So, as you can see in this picture. This was only, that was left by the legendary church of the province.

c26 c28

BAGASBAS BEACH known as the surfing spot of the province.

2014-02-07 07.25.02 c23

Of course, I wouldn’t end my Bicol tour without having the taste of the finest delicacies of the province.

HINALO- A black rice cake

“Traveling can take you anywhere, you want to go”

Thank you for reading!

Live Happy & Stay Strong

Glamorosa Runner


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