Quezon Color Run









It is a Fun Run activity that literally throws colored powder at you along the route. You can actually have your own colored powder and enjoy it yourself.

This is the first ever Fun Run activity that’s been organized in Quezon Province that deals with colors. Although, it’s been quiet popular in Manila for sometime now. I’m glad having this kind of event would definitely help boost the Quezon Province Tourism Campaign.

Quezon Color Run: District Leg 2 will be held on March 22, 2014 at 3:30 PM at SM Lucena Parking Lot, Lucena City Quezon.

“There will also be an EARTH HOUR after the race at 8pm”

So, if you want to experience it! Come and join!

NOTE: Some of the photo are not mine


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Cosmania 2013

The biggest and most popular cosplay convention in the Philippines is shifting into high gear on its 6th year.

I was lucky and fortunate enough to be part of this cosplay event although I didn’t actually join the competition

but being as one of the guest is already good enough for me.






2013-10-05 10.56.52

2013-10-05 12.06.46

With “THE BEER LEGION” from Australia

2013-10-05 11.27.03

2013-10-05 11.27.13

2013-10-05 12.03.19

2013-10-05 12.03.09

Of course CONS not be complete without MERCHS :)))

Overall! Cosplay Mania 2013 was definitely a fun experience. Definitely, next year I will attend.


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KULTURA FILIPINO is the largest Filipino lifestyle retail chain where you can buy all Philippine culture and crafts from different varieties of accessories, to home furnitures, Philippine National dress etc.,




So if you’re looking for ”Where to shop for things Filipino” then this store is just for you 🙂



To know more about their products:




NOTE: (Some photos are not mine)

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Ring Round The Moon


I’m a big fan of METTA (Assumption College San Lorenzo, Theater Artist Group) cause they are highly versatile and talented actors.

I was fortunate to watch Ring Round The Moon for the second time around with their new cast of actors 🙂 Yes, they didn’t fail to disappoint me. Their show was amazing as ever.

Here is a few synopsis of the play:

RING ROUND THE MOON is a romantic comedy about young couples who learn to define the meaning of true love. Hugo, a rich young bachelor with an enterprising vibrant mind invites Isabelle, a ballet dancer to a ball. He reveals that he has employed her to enchant his twin brother, Frederic who is madly in love with Diana. Diana, a spoiled heiress is secretly in love with Hugo. However, Isabelle ends up falling in love with Hugo. Who will win whom in the end? Experience an enchanting evening of mistaken love, heartful confessions, and refreshing revelations about true love. Anyone who has ever been in love, or wants to be in love will enjoy


Hmmmm…Pretty interesting isn’t it?


Yep! It really is…What can I say about METTA?…Their is really a future in Philippine Theater 🙂 Yeah! Kudos to METTA and Assumption College, San Lorenzo 🙂


To catch more show updates of METTA. Visit their website:

Exhibit “Quezon Province Handicrafts

2013-06-27 18.05.02

I was naturally pleased to be able to attend this exhibit of our Province in Quezon. It’s a one week celebration where in you can take pictures, explore and shop all of the best handicrafts in Quezon Province, Philippines. Thanks to SM Mall this event was made possible.

Here are the snippets:

2013-06-27 18.03.44

2013-06-27 18.06.14

Philippine Native Handbags 🙂 Made of BURI and BANIG 


BURI (Talipot Palm)– The blades of the large fan-shaped leaves yield a material for mats, sacks, and thatch

BANIG  (handwoven mat used for sleeping and sitting) 

2013-06-27 18.04.25

2013-06-27 18.10.45

Philippine Native Dress 🙂

2013-06-27 18.17.26

This has definitely caught my attention! Who would have thought Soaps could be sooo sweet 🙂 Man, if only…./I would have eaten one 😦


These soaps made out of Coconut Oil

Coconuts are the main products of Quezon, Province

2013-06-28 23.58.09

Despite I couldn’t eat it…I definitely bought one :)))

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Flores De Mayo and Mardi Gras

2013-05-24 17.30.07

2013-05-24 17.24.50


2013-05-24 17.25.02


2013-05-24 17.21.33

2013-05-24 17.24.38

2013-05-28 14.55.40

2013-05-28 15.32.06

2013-05-28 15.54.07


Happy Festival Lucena ♥


  • It’s a happy festival here in the south (Lucena City, Philippines) 
  • Started the one week celebration called Flores De Mayo (Flowers of May) a Catholic and Aglipayan festival held in the Philippines in the month of May. It is held in honor of the Virgin Mary 
  • Followed by the Mardi Gras procession where Lucenahin people walked with their colorful gowns and carnival act along the busy center of the province
  • After the procession, Lucenahins enjoyed the different activities being held like Night Market, Battle of the Bands, Street Dancing and etc., 



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Nerdy Miku



I just randomly rampaged my wardrobe and come up to this 🙂

Miku is usually known as a vocaloid. I decided to make her all geeky. Like a typical Japanese school girl 🙂

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